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Community Project of Social Media
AngryToken is a community project delivering a new concept of social media. We are so accustomed to our digital lives that we rarely take the time to reflect on them. What are the biggest issues in them and how can we improve the situation? Although there has been a lot of media attention around subjects such as fake news and data mining, very little is being paid to the decreasing quality of content or why this is happening. The short answer is that the dominant platforms have the wrong incentive systems in play, so creators don’t get compensated adequately for original and exceptional work, meanwhile the rest of us are forced to drown in the meaninglessness of Buzzfeed listicles. The current approach is dangerous, because these platforms are feeding us low quality information. Without good information, we can’t make good decisions, nor can we act appropriately. We need a system that encourages great content so that creators can get paid fairly, we can get informative and entertaining content, and so that discourse doesn’t continue to circle around the drain pipe.
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About AngryToken

Guided by the rules of the web high-quality information has been lost in favor of lower forms of entertainment. Video creators and freelance journalists are forced to create generic content that will guarantee more "shares" or "likes" to attract large advertisers, diluting any relevant information. On top of that, content creators earn far less money than they should and have to split their profits with third-party providers which collect your users' data and use them for targeted advertising. We shouldn’t be subjected to such manipulative business practices just to keep in touch with our family and friends! No wonder content creators are angry! You should be angry too!!! Because you end up consuming lower quality content and your privacy is being unfairly invaded and traded. Fortunately, we have channeled our anger into something valuable: AngryToken, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain technology that gives people the freedom to express themselves without collecting your personal data!


Adele Pagliano

Adele Pagliano

U-Share Manager

Alberto Cecinato

Alberto Cecinato

Front-End Junior Developer

Alexandru Fartade

Alexandru Fartade


Anna Stoikov

Anna Stoikov

Social Media Producer

Antonio Feraco

Antonio Feraco

Former Content Creator

Emanuel Secco

Emanuel Secco

Brand Manager

Francesco Fiorella

Francesco Fiorella

Software Engine Developer

Giacomo Arrighini

Giacomo Arrighini

Front End Developer

Girolamo Di Trapani

Girolamo Di Trapani


Loredana Fartade

Loredana Fartade

Marketing Coordinator

Ludovico Rossi

Ludovico Rossi

Strategic Manager

Matteo Manca

Matteo Manca

Financial Analyst

Salvatore De Paolis

Salvatore De Paolis

Technical Team Leader


--- Idea creation and early research


--- Talent research


--- Recruitment of developers and team components


--- Cryptocurrency and ICO analysis


--- Ethereum block-chain and smart contract analysis


--- Ethereum wallet and Angry Token source code creation


--- Whitepaper


--- Genesis investor (private sale)


--- Angry Token community creation


--- Genesis investor (public sale)


--- Pre-sale & Slinkad Alpha

Q1 2019

--- ICO

Q2 2019

--- Slinkad Beta & Snipad Alpha

Q3 2019

--- Snipad Beta

Q4 2019

--- Guardian features release

Q1 2020

--- U-Share features release

Q2 2020

--- Easy Exchange features release

Q3 2020

--- Rosetta features release

Q4 2020

--- Slinkad & Snipad official release

Token Info

Token ANG
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 ANG = 0.35 USD
Price in ICO
Tokens for sale 104,000,000

Investment Info

Min. Investment 0.1 ETH
Accepting ETH
Soft Cap
Hard Cap 104000000 ANG
144 days
Token ANG
preICO Price 1 ANG = 0.35 USD
Price N/A
Bonus N/A
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype N/A
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum Investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cap N/A
Hard cap 104000000 ANG
Country United States
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas None