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UNO Price $52.19 Change (24H) 6.02% Volume (24H) $114 Market Cap $10.50M

Unobtanium (UNO) Price, Stats & News

Unobtanium Summary

Unobtanium price points are assisted by its scarcity. UNO is a rare SHA256d cryptocurrency that completed its inflationary phase in 2015. The UNO price is regulated by its extremely low quantities: only 250,000 UNO will be mined in 300 years, with no Proof of Stake. As a result, Uno is referred to by investors as a crypto-commodity because of its rarity and profitability on the market. The Uno community is a collection of precious metal collectors and dealers exchanging UNO for metals.

Technical Stats

Supply 250 Thousand
Genesis Date October 18, 2013 (over 4 years)
Hashing Algoritm SHA-256
Block Time 3.0 Minute
Hashrate 14.1 PH/s

Unobtanium News

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