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Telcoin (TEL) Price, News, & Stats

What is Telcoin?

Telcoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to decentralize the payment platform of telecommunications. Telcoin is an open source cryptocurrency that has its Telcoin economy driven by the community. Today, the Telecom industry is a booming industry, and besides the convention landline telephone companies, wireless companies, internet network providers, cable companies, etc. are now competing to attract more clients.  Telecom Industry all over the globe provides telecom services such as voice calls, video calls, text, image and video messages, through the satellite, the wireless or wired networks. Telcoin aims to be the sole cryptocurrency to be used all over the world to make payments for telephone bills, recharge mobile plans and internet bills and also for all kinds of payment related to the Telecom Industry.


The concept of Telcoin was first initiated in October 2017 by Kelvinking Omoregie. Telcoin aims to establish itself as the primary mode of payment in the Telecom industries. All payments for services and subscribers related to telecommunication to be made through Telcoin. There is a high digital risk today, and Telcoin aims to improve the security of transfer of transaction, improve the speed of transaction and provide privacy to the users. Once the global Telecom industries adopt Telcoin as the sole cryptocurrency as a means of exchange in all telecom related product or services, the transactions will be more comfortable and also provide anonymity.

1.    Decentralized: Telcoin decentralized the cryptocurrency through its telecom economy. It is also a system to store wealth and investment in a private and non-governmental controlled economy called the decentralized network. It plans to make itself the main cryptocurrency exchange for all types of telecommunication payments all over the globe.
2.    Secure: Telcoin allows peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange which makes the transaction more secure. There is no third party required, and the peer to peer transaction enables the use of a decentralized server which adds to the security of the users.
3.    Transparency: The Telcoin transactions are transparent, and there is a smooth transfer of money. All transactions of Telcoin can be seen and can be carried out anytime within seconds from anywhere.

Features of Telcoin

Advantages of Telcoin

1. Telcoin offers anonymity. Users can transact money while keeping their identity anonymous. The transaction of Telcoin can be seen by all; however, users can decide if he wants to be anonymous. The Telcoin user can choose to keep his name and address hidden. Although the user may opt to keep his transaction a secret, all the transactions can also be recorded for future references.
2. The Telcoin peer-to-peer transaction system has many benefits. The peer-to-peer transaction decentralizes the system and does not require a central server. The decentralized server also gives security to the users as the data is divided and distributed to different servers operated by each Telcoin user connected to the network.
3. The Telcoin can be transferred from one user to another within seconds, and anywhere and at anytime via a smartphone or other devices with an internet connection. The Telcoin system allows transparency and easy transfer of money within peers. The fee charged to transfer Telcoin is minimal, and this transfer fee can also be waived however the transaction will be slow but free. If a certain amount of transaction fee is charged, the transaction becomes faster, and users can transfer any amount of Telcoin to any Telcoin wallets.
4. Once Telcoin is adopted by the Telecom companies as the single cryptocurrency in the Telecom industry, payments and transfer of money will become much more comfortable and more convenient. Users can use Telcoin to make their phone subscription payments and any other products or services related to the Telecom Company.
5. The Telcoin can be used via a mobile app. Telcoin mobile app allows easy transaction of money. The Telecom Company can also develop the Telcoin system of payment and use this cryptocurrency to make payments for telecom product and services.
6. The Telcoin price is likely to rise once the Telcoin is being used on a daily basis by users. There is a limited number of Telcoin globally; thus the Telcoin price will increase when the demand for the Telcoin increases.
7. Telcoin is driven by the community, and any government or institutions do not control it. Telcoin is based on the blockchain system which is not controlled by anyone. The Telcoin and the Telcoin network are open for all.
8. It is impossible to fraudulent Telcoin transaction. Telcoin is based on the blockchain database making it difficult for anyone to hack the transaction data. Telcoin transaction is recorded and is distributed to different users, and therefore a hacker has to hack the transaction data and several servers all at the same time to fake transactions.

How to buy Telcoin

Telcoin can be bought from various exchanges. However, before investing in a cryptocurrency, it is essential that you set up the Telcoin wallet so that all your new Telcoin have a place to store. You can access your Telcoin Wallet from anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

The procedure on how to buy Telcoin is similar to other cryptocurrencies.  First, you need to find exchanges that trade in Telcoin. Once you have selected the Exchange of your choice, you need to register and buy Telcoin from the Exchange. The Telcoin is an ERC20 Standard Token. As part of the barter and exchange of telecom economy, the ICO coins will be made tradable however will not use for staking projects. The ICO coins will be offered in three stages. In the first stage 500M Telcoin price will be set at 0.30USD, in the second stage 300M Telcoin will be offered for 0.40 USD, and in the final stage, 300M Telcoin will be 0.50 USD. Staking and mining of the Telcoin will begin after the end of ICO.

Technical Stats

Supply 100 Billion
Genesis Date December 11, 2017 (3 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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