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What is Swisscoin?

Swisscoin is an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and it works as a hybrid wallet which allows you to trade cryptocurrency from both your personal computer and any of your smart devices.

Swisscoin is decentralized — all transactions carried out do not require any validation or the need of a third party. Swisscoin operates in almost the same way as other cryptocurrencies allowing you to buy Swisscoin with real money and then using it to carry out trades.

Swisscoin also allows users to make money from their platform and there are two ways in which you can earn money. The first system is through tokens, and these tokens are used to mine for Swisscoins — for every 0.1 euro spent on Swisscoin you will be given a token, and the more money you spend on Swisscoin, the more tokens you will be rewarded with.

The second way in which you can earn is through bonuses which you will get by referring new users to Swisscoin. If you refer new users to Swisscoin, you will have more chances to make larger amounts of money.

There are two levels of bonus that comes with Swisscoin, and they are Team Bonus and Matching Bonus. Trading with Swisscoin brings with it a lot of incentives.

The History of Swisscoin

Swisscoin officially launched in the year 2016 and is managed by its director Manfred Mayer, who happens to have an extensive background with Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing.

Swisscoin is headquartered at Canton of Zug, Switzerland. Swisscoin was founded with the aim of being an alternative to Bitcoin and is also considered a direct competitor to Bitcoin.

Swisscoin holds its foundations in the Ethereum blockchain technology, and is a  decentralized marketplace suitable for all cryptocurrencies. Trading with Swisscoin can also be done from the Swisscoin wallet, Ether, Fiat Currency or any other tokens which use the ERC-20 platform.

How to use Swisscoin

To start using Swisscoin, you need to register yourself on the Swisscoin website and after your registration is done with you will get free 100 swisscoins with which you can start trading.

Swisscoin can also be mined using tokens, and these tokens can be bought using fiat money from the Swisscoin website. There are many packages available on Swisscoin with varying quantity and different packages which will offer you tokens. The tokens can be used for mining more swisscoins, or it can also be exchanged for swisscoins.

The swisscoins that you have in possession are stored in your Swisscoin wallet, and there are many ways in which you can use them. Your Swisscoin money can be transferred to your bank account, or you can use those swisscoins to invest and thus buy more swisscoins. Using Swisscoin is relatively easy and it carries with it the same procedures which are seen in other cryptocurrencies available.

The Features and Benefits of Swisscoin

Swisscoin at its core is a cryptocurrency and thus carries with it the same set of features which is seen in the majority of Cryptocurrencies and some of them are as follows:

  1. Borderless Transactions: Swisscoin being a decentralized cryptocurrency is not governed by any centralized bodies or entities and as such is entirely independent. Hence, there is no limit to the transactions which can take place making it truly borderless and thus it can be thought of as a global currency. Thus with Swisscoin, you can trade with anyone around the world.
  2. No Risk of Inflation: Unlike traditional currencies which are volatile and face inflation, Swisscoin is stable and faces no risk of inflation. This is because there are only 10 billion units of Swisscoin in circulation meaning that there is a limited supply. As such, a limited supply will create more demand, and this will increase its overall value, making it profitable for investors.
  3. Easy Exchange: Converting or Exchanging Swiss coins is also very quick and easy. Owners of Swisscoin can exchange their Swisscoin to Bitcoin, or they can exchange it to Fiat currency as well. Swisscoin is also expected to come out with its own MasterCard which will allow its users to cash out fiat currency instantly.
  4. Total Anonymity: Swisscoin being a cryptocurrency thus requires little to no personal details when performing a transaction. The only requisite is the wallet address of the recipient to whom the transaction is being made. Hence, no personal details or information is divulged out during the transactions. Hence, users will maintain total anonymity, making the platform extremely secure.

Swisscoin also carries with a host of numerous benefits which makes it a very good alternative cryptocurrency and they include the following:

  1. Low Transaction Fee: If we look at traditional financial institutions, they often charge high transaction fees which tend to include many hidden charges. However, with Swisscoin there are no hidden transaction charges, and the procedure is transparent. As such the only charge levied is for a transaction which is very low too.
  2. Zero Chargebacks: Chargebacks are something which is feared by every merchant out there, and with traditional financial institutions there are always risks of chargebacks. However, with Swisscoin there are zero chargebacks involves making it extremely safe and stable.

How to buy Swisscoin

Buying Swisscoin involves a two-step procedure, and the first step involves buying either Ether or Bitcoin at Coinbase or any of the exchanges which sell these cryptocurrencies.

After purchasing them, you need to transfer them to your Coinbase wallet. With your Coinbase Wallet now filled with cryptocurrency, you can visit any of the exchanges which offer Swisscoin and then exchange it.  

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