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STRAT Price 0.367291 Change (24H) -1.11% Volume (24H) $918K Market Cap $36.55M

Stratis (STRAT) Price, News & Stats

What Is Stratis?

Stratis is a flexible and powerful development platform for Blockchains for enterprise-level businesses. Stratis provides specific blockchains for enterprises to create applications. The Stratis Application Production Interface provides simplification of development processes that comes with creating Blockchains. Stratis is a Blockchain as a service (baas) platform that aids financial institutions as well as any other interested businesses in developing blockchain applications. The Stratis designs are based on the C# language, and they offer to design and to test services to multiple corporations and institutions. The ultimate Goal of Stratis is to become a go-to stop shop for everything that has to do with blockchains. Their system is similar to that of Bitcoin's, but they vary in the sense that they have made some advanced improvements, as well as the programming Language.


Stratis was launched in the August of 2016, based in the UK with Chris Drew as the founder and CEO whose background is extensive experience in the financial sector, local and Government industries, experience in C# programming as well as Blockchain technologies since 2013. On 15th of July, 2016, Stratis raised over US$ 100,000 on their crowdfunding event. During their ICO launching event, they raised over US$ 600,000 to expand their software development team. Stratis was developed with the aim of bringing about Blockchain technology to improve and meet the needs of multi-platform business requirements.

How to use Stratis

Stratis is an end to end encryption platform, and it uses the currency token known as STRAT which will be explicitly used for every sort of transaction within the Stratis community. You can use this in-house currency to handle the operations that will occur with you buying and using their services. You can get the STRAT token from many different cryptocurrency exchanges, and a large part of this process depends on your location and the native currency. You may be able to buy the tokens using your native fiat currency directly, and if not you might have to use another cryptocurrency as a means of exchange for the STRATIS tokens. You can find the STRAT tokens in popular sites like Binance, Bittrex, CoinSwitch, Changelly and more.

As of now, Stratis does not feature too many wallet options, however; you can access the official desktop wallet called the StraticX Wallet which will provide you with all the necessary features you will need to be able to use Stratis safely. You will also be able to download Blockchains ion this wallet. Another great option is the Stratis Electrum, which is an official copy of the Electrum Wallet of Bitcoin developed by the Stratis team. This wallet is a lightweight, and you won't be able to download full blockchains in it. The Nano Ledger S is the only hardware wallet that can store STRAT tokens as of now, but this is an excellent choice if you want to double your security.

Features of Stratis

One Click Deployment

Stratis focuses on the easy use and interface elements, and thus they come with the single click blockchain deploying the technology. With this feature, you can implement a quick and customizable sidechain, along with the primary parent chain which also comes with many features, effectively helping you create an entire network with just one click.


Stratis uses the cloud network to host the blockchains running on the system as a BaaS platform.  To work with your blockchains, you will not require maintenance of full client nodes, which frees up a lot of resources for different organizations, who would in otherwise spend a lot of time otherwise.


The Blockchains that you deploy in the Stratus economy are private Sidechains. You can customize the blockchains while being connected to the parent chain without really affecting it. This reduces high traffic, reducing the chances of the network slowing down.

The Fiat Gateway Integration

The developers of Stratis are working on integrating the platform in such a way that the digital currency within the system is equal to the native fiat currencies being transferred. By being able to transfer traditional currencies on the blockchain, organizers will be able to make use of the new technology while remaining compliant.

The ICO Platform

Apart from working on the development of enterprises, the Stratus team is also working on creating an ICO platform. Using this, users can use the blockchain network of Stratis to host their own ICO. This feature is not yet released, but you can access the "test ICO" feature to try it out.

Benefits of Stratis

There are many advantages and benefits you can get from using Stratis. Stratis provides a unique set of features such as Internet-based Business Logistics, medical research data and more. One of the main benefits is the use of C3 language. Most blockchain platforms don't use commonly used languages like c#, C++ or Java and JavaScript. The advantage lies in the fact that since these languages are most widely known, users can operate and create blockchains with ease.

How to Buy Stratis

You can buy the STRAT token from many different currency exchanges. If supported, you can directly purchase STRAT tokens for fiat currency. The other option includes buying cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH and then exchanging them for STRAT tokens.

Stratis News & Price

On June and July of 2016, the company held an ICO raising 915 Bitcoins. Stratis is ranked top 50, with a market Cap of USD 160.66. Their all-time high value was USD 22.66, and as of now STRAT tokens cost USD 1.66.

Technical Stats

Supply -
Genesis Date August 09, 2016 (over 1 year)
Hashing Algoritm X13
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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