SC Price $0.00695 Change (24H) 6.53% Volume (24H) $4.40M Market Cap $261M

Siacoin (SC) Price, Stats & News

Siacoin Summary

The Sia price includes a cloud storage platform similar to Dropbox and other centralized platforms. Instead of paying for cloud storage space from a single entity, client rent storage space from each other. Clients get the storage space from nodes using Sia’s blockchain as contracts. The data is encrypted into countless pieces and uploaded to different hosts before it is stored. Sia owns two cryptocurrencies, one mined by Sia developers—Siacoins, (SC token price) and Siafund. Sia developers mined the first 100 blocks in which the rewards began with 300,000 Siacoins for the first block; each subsequent block decreases by Siacoin until the block reward rests at 30,000 Siacoins per block. Siafund sends 3.9% of all successful storage contract payouts to the holders.

Technical Stats

Supply -
Genesis Date June 06, 2015 (over 2 years)
Hashing Algoritm Blake2b
Block Time 10.0 Minute
Hashrate N/A

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