QLC Price $0.01798 Change (24H) -1.96% Volume (24H) $227K Market Cap $4.31M

Qlink (QLC) Price, Stats & News

Qlink Summary

Qlink is a fully decentralized mobile network dedicated to the construction of truly open-source telecom infrastructure using blockchain technology. This next-generation public chain for decentralized network-as-service allow anyone to operate and benefit from the network services. The blockchain is the key to eliminating common problems with mobile data and network carriers. The Qlink price and the QLC token price are accepted for all value transfers within the network, and all purchases of network services. Any user can become a micro network operator on the Qlink chain by activating a device and registering it on the QLC Chain, a ledger created to tracking transactions of network services and the execution of smart contracts. Network resources can also be registered on QLC Chain.

Technical Stats

Supply 600 Million
Genesis Date -
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

QLC Chain News

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