PASC Price $0.21327 Change (24H) -2.41% Volume (24H) $12.99K Market Cap $5.11M

Pascalcoin (PASC) Price, Stats & News

Pascalcoin Summary

PascalCoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency that offers users instant, no-fee transfers. The PascalCoin price is stabilized by advanced privacy with smart contract capabilities enabled by the SafeBox technology to make it the first blockchain allowing deletions. The PASC price token offers users unlimited potential as an innovative cryptocurrency extending the blockchain paradigm to everyone. The PascalCoin is capable of scalability previously unheard of allowing global-scale adoption. The coin has a theoretical limit of 72,000 TPS while, at the same time, removing the problem of blockchain memory bloat.

Technical Stats

Supply -
Genesis Date August 11, 2016 (over 1 year)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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