PRG Price 0.171781 Change (24H) 15.67% Volume (24H) $24.40K Market Cap $11.15M

Paragon (PRG) Price, Stats & News

Paragon Summary

Paragon attempts to revolutionize the cannabis industry using blockchain technology. Paragon offers users stability, verification, and legitimacy with a stable of blockchain-based solutions and features. Included in the Paragon price is ParagonChain, the hub of Paragon’s blockchain products and services that are re-imagining the supply chain tracking system for the entire cannabis industry. ParagonChain offers smart contracts, GUIs, and an intuitive database architecture for cannabis companies around the United States. The PRG is Paragon’s digital token whose price incentivizes the Paragon community. This solves the common problem for cannabis growth and innovation: banking and payments. Using the PRG, cannabis businesses can quickly, easily, and verifiably transfer funds between businesses and customers, as well as participate in the Paragon forum.

Technical Stats

Supply 200 Million
Genesis Date October 26, 2017 (4 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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