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Ormeus (ORME) Price, News, & Stats

What is Ormeus?

Ormeus is a decentralized and public Cryptocurrency which operates on Etherium Blockchain. Ormeus was introduced to the public with the sole aim of creating a fast, secure and a decentralized system of cryptocurrency. This form of digital currency is a by-product of an initiative that is taken over by a group of and not by a single authority. It must also be added that Ormeus is an initiator of green technology and practices efficient energy generation. Ormeus is also backed by a multi-million corporation of AI mining of cryptocurrency, and as of now, according to Ormeus news, Ormeus is the owner of Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin mining rigs. And according to recent information, Ormeus is mining an average of $8 million per month as of February 2018. Most of the profits are re-invested to look for more mining rigs while some of them are invested in developing more tougher and secure form of backend software technology. The Artificial Intelligence is custom made for Ormeus which is programmed to mine the most profitable crypto coins at any time.


The funds for Ormeus were all generated by private investors and not from an ICO. The symbol for an Ormeus token is known as ORME, and it was built for the transaction in the Etherium Blockchain. The trading date of Ormeus is quite impressive as 40% of the profits are deposited in a digital wallet, and 40% of the profits are re-invested in finding new mining rigs. The remaining 10% of the profits are put into developing a faster, safer and better backend software technology. The mining rigs were first purchased with $250 million, and as current affairs suggest, mining of cryptocurrency is going on in North-America.

How to Use Ormeus

Like any other cryptocurrency, using ORME is not rocketry. And like all cryptocurrency, it does not receive any special treatment as ORME can be used by any digital wallet that is made for using this digital currency. The wallets where one can store their ORME tokens are many, and some of the popular ones are MyEther Wallet, Ledger Wallet, Trezor, Etherium Mist DApp, and Meta Mask. Almost all of them have the same working concept where a user has to create a new account which will then be guided to the user that he/she must provide some personal information for account security. After that, the user will be led to a section where data security will be implemented. In this process, the storage of the ORME tokens will be in question. Most of the time, it's the personal mobile phone of the respective user or storage known as cold storage. After everything is set up, the user can now use the digital currency for the transaction from the palms of his/her hands.


The features of Ormeus are one of the unique features among all cryptocurrencies.


Ormeus has its mining rigs as mentioned above. An Artificial Intelligence is specially made for this purpose. The Mining rigs of Ormeus are located in North America, and these are maintained in Green Data Centers. The success of these mining rigs is owed to the implementation of AI which is a smart program that mines from lucrative cryptocurrency. When every second passes, a command is passed to the AI to look for the most valuable digital currency and hence only a less amount of CPU time is taken up for mining. This saves real time and energy as well.


The vault that is used to store the ORME is a highly secure vault called Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The mining operation is done using a hashtag algorithm for authentication. After mining the coins, a trading program accepts the mined coins. This helps prevents tampering and fraud of the ORME coins.


Almost everyone is familiar with the Etherium Blockchain especially if one has been following news regarding cryptocurrency over the years. The Etherium Blockchain is one of the most used blockchains for almost all the cryptocurrencies as it provides a decentralized means of the transaction with digital money. The algorithm of this blockchain strictly reserves the transactions between the client and the server only, and there is no third party involved. When this is implemented, it makes the system hard-wired from all kind of cyber attacks that involves hacking, fraud and tampering of the currency.

The benefits of using Ormeus are:


Ormeus uses renewable energy for the mining of the digital currencies.  Their source of energy is the Niagara Falls hydro-dam which is situated in the US/Canadian border. The fact that it is energy efficient and relies on a renewable source of energy makes it one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies available.


Since the whole system is on the Etherium Blockchain, the Ormeus tokens are stored in one of the most secure vaults.

How to Buy Ormeus

The most sensitive method of buying ORMEUS would be to buy them through Coinbase. The website is fully regulated by the United States government, and it is one of the most reliable marketplaces for purchasing cryptocurrency. Once a user enters the website, one is asked to set up an account. After setting up an account, a user can transfer funds from a debit card or a credit card to convert them into Bitcoins, Litecoins or Ether. Once the conversion is completed, those coins will be received in an in-built wallet, where the user will then be instructed to convert the digital currency to Ormeus further. Coinbase is one of the most reliable platforms to buy Ormeus as it is one of the easiest to use and the best for beginners.

Technical Stats

Supply 200 Million
Genesis Date August 23, 2017 (6 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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