NXS Price $0.27150 Change (24H) 12.71% Volume (24H) $164K Market Cap $16.21M

Nexus (NXS) Price, Stats & News

Nexus Summary

Nexus bills itself as the future of blockchain technology and as the world’s first three-dimensional blockchain. The Nexus price can used to buy and sell the token for users. The NXS price is stabilized the 78 million token cap in place. The Nexus blockchain uses the implementation of three consensus channels, transforming the blockchain into a three-dimensional process the founders call the three-dimensional chain. Adapting to transaction volume, using trust to secure the network, and weighting transactions determines the most efficient use of resources. The 3DC aims to increase decentralization and limit the pull of any one system within the network. Eventually the 3DC protocol organically scales to meet network computational demands as more nodes join the system.