MNX Price $0.75022 Change (24H) 20.44% Volume (24H) $52.26K Market Cap $3.54M

MinexCoin (MNX) Price, Stats & News

MinexCoin Summary

MinexCoin is a worldwide payments system based on the MNX cryptocurrency and its relatively stable price. The MNX price keeps MinexCoin from the high-volatility that plagues many other digital currencies. MNX tokens are part of the Minex ecosystem, which allows users to pay with cryptocurrency almost anywhere in the world. By turning user-centric ideas into reality and bridging the decentralized economy and daily life, MinexCoin makes it possible for people to use cryptocurrency not just as an investment asset, but as a fast and convenient way to pay anywhere. This is an owner-sustained cryptocurrency that smooths out potential volatility by rewarding holders.