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MTN Price 0.003071 Change (24H) 0.05% Volume (24H) $103K Market Cap $948K

Medicalchain (MTN) Price, Stats & News

Medicalchain Summary

Medicalchain is a health record storage technology run on the blockchain, ensuring completely secure health records to maintain a single, clear version of the truth. Different healthcare providers—doctors, hospitals, laboratories, health insurers, and pharmacists can use the Medicalchain system to request permission to gain access to their patient’s unadulterated record for their purposes, recording their transactions on a distributed ledger. Included in the Medicalchain price is a telemedicine platform that provides immediate utilization of health records for all healthcare professionals and their patients. Patients will be able to grant access to their health records to applications in exchange for MTN price tokens.

Technical Stats

Supply 500 Million
Genesis Date January 31, 2018 (29 days)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

Medicalchain News

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