KICK Price $0.00569 Change (24H) -0.22% Volume (24H) $57.08K Market Cap $3.09M

KickCoin (KICK) Price, Stats & News

KickCoin Summary

KickCoin helps game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators get access to the resources and support they need to build their ideas into realities. Using the KICK coin price, users can fund or get funding for their projects and develop them all on one platform. The ecosystem included in the KickCoin price is a community creators, investors, and service providers sharing their skills and expertise. The platform allows users to host fundraising campaigns for their projects, get support and help when they need it, and purchase their tokens with various cryptocurrencies. The platform serves the best interest of every user, allowing authors an opportunity to communicate with potential clients.

Technical Stats

Supply 458 Million
Genesis Date September 25, 2017 (5 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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