HSR Price $2.26 Change (24H) -30.13% Volume (24H) $7.23M Market Cap $98.30M

HShare (HSR) Price, Stats & News

HShare Summary

HShare is a payments and infrastructure system designed to allow users to share information and value among blockchain systems, as well as between blockchain and non-blockchain systems. HShare also features DAO governance, private transactions, and quantum computing resistance. Using the HShare HyperExchange feature, members can use smart contracts and communicate across blockchains using BMT protocol Hyper Exchange Axis Indicator. The HShare ecosystem and the HyperExchange feature are powered by the HShare price and its token, HCash, or HSR, whose price is regulated to control against inflation. Users can trade HCash over an ever-growing number of exchanges in its ecosystem, with more to be added soon.

Technical Stats

Supply 42.2 Million
Genesis Date -
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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