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Endor Protocol

What is the Endor Protocol?

Predictive analysis is something that takes time, experience and resources including money, complicated software and hardware, a lot of time for computer programming and iterations, data scientists, artificial intelligence and modern data models.

This is something that many big industries and companies like Google deploy into their system. This is where Endor Protocol comes in.

Based on Social Physics, a newly developed science that deals with everyday sets of data, Endor is a blockchain platform that aims at providing predictive analysis to everyone using blockchain and automation. Endor is developed by a team of 12 highly efficient and expert level professionals with backgrounds in Data science and IT.

A Brief History and the inception of Endor Protocol

The official announcement of Endor was made to the public in February 2018. The project for this technology, however, started earlier in 2014.

By 2017, five hundred companies were using the platform for AI predictions. The team behind the project consists of well known and established researchers and data analysts like MIT leading Data Scientists Dr. Yaniv Atshuler and Prof. Alex Petland.

The same team is also responsible for developing the newly found science Social Physics which was designed with MIT. This science is the theoretical grounds on which the Endor Protocol would start from.

The four years in developing this technology at MIT was spent not only in developing automated predictions which are fast and accurate, but also a technology conceived where any expertise in Data analytics was not even necessary.

Endor protocol combines the technology of Social Physics, predictive analytics and machine learning that provides accurate, accessible and scalable predictions.

Features of Endor Protocol

The Key features of Endor Protocol that makes it a unique take in the Blockchain technology are:

  1. Implementation with proof of Stake:

Endor uses a proof of stake implementation protocol which renders the blockchain smooth, fast and lean, along with consuming lesser energy and is determined environmentally. Keeping in mind the intent and purpose of the network, this is a crucial feature because the data dealt by the network will be in terms of terabytes in order to run the complex prediction algorithms and data analysis within the blockchain.

  1. Established Base:

Endor tokens, also known as EDR are ERC_20 enabled. The Endor Network is backed entirely by Ethereum network. This also means that Endor will also provide the many security functions and strong features such as smart contracts that Endor uses to implement all its functionalities.

  1. Accessible on a Global Scale:

The Endor network is not supervised by a central head, which means that the very powerful protocols and artificial intelligence engines are not accessible only to the multimillionaire corporations, but to everyone, everywhere across the globe. This is due to the decentralized and free of censorship nature of the technology; The Endor protocol can be accessed by anyone without any discrimination.

  1. Unique Goal:

Endor is perhaps the only Blockchain based platform that provides enterprise-level predictive analysis software that is open sourced, decentralized and available on a global scale. This provides the users with the opportunity to grow, using the freely accessible, decentralized and robust prediction platform.

The Benefits of Using Endor

  1. Agile Blockchain:

Endor uses Ethereunm based tokens known as EDR, which means that they are ERC-20 compliant. The benefit here Endor will use the proof of stake algorithm which provides a leaner and more economical environment in the blockchain for all users.

  1. Free:

Endor is available for everyone to use, being an open sourced, decentralized system.

  1. Secure:

Endor uses client-side encryption which is of AES standard. This means that only the client, and not even the blockchain itself, will not have access to any information or content that is related to the User Data. All the while, the Endor Artificial Intelligence will combine the data encrypted data which will be used to identify patterns to make accurate predictions, thus providing solutions to the many problems coming from the sophisticated marketing and social interactions.

  1. Smart Contracts:

Endor will deploy smart contracts from the Ethereum Blockchain in order to implement the solutions that are predicted and provided by them. Users can run custom algorithms using Smart contracts. They can also use this to gain access to the Endor Data as well as the Endor Artificial Intelligence. Users can also run algorithms and predictive analysis on custom settings using the Smart Contracts.

How to Buy Endor

Buying EDR is a simple procedure, and can be traded at popular exchanges like Kucoin, Hotbit, and IDex. Hotbit is the most commonly preferred exchange.

You will need a wallet before buying the EDR naturally for storing and trading purposes. As of now, there is no custom wallet available, but that will hopefully change with future updates. Since EDR is an ERC 20 token, you can use any wallets that can support and store Ethereum coins as well.

You can use Coinswitch to compare the prices from different crypto exchanges and get the most reasonable deal. Along with that, if you use Coinswitch, you don't have to get another wallet for your transactions, you can do this directly using your own wallets.

Endor News

Endor has risen in popularity very fast. Many fortune 500 companies, as well as multinational corporations, have already integrated Endor into their systems.

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