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What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency which is based on the same working principles of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However what makes Electroneum unique is that it is mobile-friendly cryptocurrency and has been created with smartphones and other mobile devices in mind.

Electroneum understands the huge potential that mobile devices have and as such to help make cryptocurrency go mainstream it has come up with the Electroneum cryptocurrency. Users will be able to mine it, trade with it and send and receive payments just like any other cryptocurrency, however, all these can be done on smartphones, regular computers, and other smart devices.

Electroneum makes this possible because it comes with a CPU friendly algorithm that makes it possible for even low powered CPUs to perform mining and trading of Electroneum.

Electroneum thus aims to empower mobile device to make cryptocurrency globally accessible to all and to achieve this; they have developed a mobile application for it. Anyone who has a smartphone can download Electroneum's mobile application which works as a mining platform, a wallet for storing currency, and a payment platform as well.

The History of Electroneum

Electroneum was formed in the year 2017, and it was developed by Richard Ells and his team of cryptocurrency developers. The main aim for creating the Electroneum cryptocurrency was to make a cryptocurrency which is easy to access and use.

The team was aware that the best way to do it was by bringing cryptocurrency to mobile devices and therefore with mobile devices in mind they created their mobile-friendly cryptocurrency known as Electroneum.

The algorithm that is used in Electroneum is known as the CryptoNote Algorithm which is an open-source algorithm and is utilized by many of the top cryptocurrencies available today.

Within a year, Electroneum has developed several products, and they are the Electroneum blockchain, application-based wallet, an offline wallet, a wallet and a miner for the Windows platform, a mining pool software, a blockchain explorer and a third party payment API for supporting payments through third parties.

How to Use Electroneum

Compared to other types of cryptocurrency Electroneum is relatively easy to use and this is because it is highly mobile oriented. If you have registered yourself in Electroneum, you can download Electroneum's mobile application with the same name. After installing the application, you can start using it to mine for the Electroneum cryptocurrency, take care of transactions using the Instant Payment system and also check your coin balance as well.

Also, you can use Electroneum to pay for goods and service, and also get paid in Ethereum as well.

The Features of Electroneum

In a world where there are thousands of cryptocurrencies available, Electroneum stands out as one of the unique and feature filled cryptocurrencies out there. Let us discuss the features that make it unique.

  1. Mobile Friendly Cryptocurrency: The unique feature of Electroneum is its mobile-friendly nature. Electroneum prides itself as one of the first cryptocurrencies which have been built with the mobile platform in mind. There are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world, and as such Electroneum seeks to make cryptocurrency accessible to mobile users. To make this possible Electroneum has developed a CPU friendly algorithm, thus allowing even low powered CPUs to mine, store, buy and sell cryptocurrency. This ability to handle cryptocurrency even using mobile devices makes it unique and stands out from the crowd.
  2. The Electroneum Mobile Application: Even though a cryptocurrency has been built to be mobile friendly, if there is no platform for users to engage with it then it is of no use. Therefore, Ethereum has created a mobile application which can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone. The Ethereum mobile application thus allows its users to mine for coins, perform transactions, store their coins in wallets and allows for digital banking opportunities. The Electroneum app as such has made cryptocurrency accessible to a vast range of people.
  3. Instant Payments System: Instant Payments System is a new feature which has been introduced to Electroneum just a few months back and what this feature does is that users can now make transactions and then receive instant payment confirmation. This eliminates the need for blockchain confirmations used in traditional cryptocurrencies which takes up a lot of time in the process. As such, there is virtually no waiting periods.

The above are some of the standout features of Electroneum and now let us discuss the benefits that Electroneum possesses.

  1. Highly Competent team: The team behind any cryptocurrency plays a significant role in deciding whether the company's fate. And as such, it is safe to say that Electroneum lies in good hands as it is comprised of a highly dedicated and experienced team of individuals led by an experienced CEO. The team has well-defined goals for Electroneum, and they have been developing new features at a fast pace and are also quick to fix issues.
  2. Highly accessible: Another major benefit of Electroneum is that it is highly accessible, and this is because it is has been made available to a very wide variety of platform. The inclusion of the Electroneum to the mobile platform is the biggest benefit that Electroneum possesses.

These are two significant benefits of Electroneum, and now let us find out how to buy Electroneum, the price, news surrounding it and its price prediction.

How to Buy Electroneum

If you are interested in buying Electroneum, then the safest and best way is through an exchange. Since Electroneum is a fairly new cryptocurrency, it has still not gained worldwide popularity, and therefore there are only a handful of exchanges that sell Electroneum.

Some of the most common exchange for buying Electroneum is Cryptopia, KuCoin, CoinBene, OEX, Liquid, and Coinspot. The other way in which you can buy Electroneum is from a person who holds Electroneum and then buying it with cash. The Electroneum bought can then be stored in the Electroneum wallet.  

Technical Stats

Supply 21 Billion
Genesis Date October 30, 2017 (4 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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