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Ecobit (ECOB) Price, Stats & News

Ecobit Summary

Ecobit is a “green” blockchain project dedicated to fighting climate change. Ecobit is built on the New Economic Movement (NEM) cryptocurrency platform. Ecobit gives users the opportunity to participate in a more environmentally friendly future. The project was granted 1 million acres of rainforest from which to generate income through carbon credit. These credits are then used to finance evolving and innovative sustainability projects being implemented in phases. These projects include spirulina farming, aquaponic farming, eco sanctuary projects, and more. Perks for Ecobit members include accommodations at the Eco Sanctuary hotel, with free organic produce coming in weekly and a recycling vending machine that pays members in Ecobit when they recycle, among other benefits.

Technical Stats

Supply 8.89 Billion
Genesis Date -
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Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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