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XDN Price 0.000655 Change (24H) -8.58% Volume (24H) $10.26K Market Cap $4.83M

DigitalNote (XDN) Price, News, & Stats

What is DigitalNote?

DigitalNote is a decentralized global cryptocurrency platform developed in 2014. Focusing on privacy, Blockchain deposits that bear interests and Peer to peer encryption, DigitalNote uses the CryptoNote algorithm focuses on autonomous technology. DigitalNote also provides an encrypted messaging feature that is untraceable, assuring the privacy of the parties. In simpler words, DigitalNote is all about delivering both anonymity and privacy to users on a global scale at a low to no cost at all.


On 30th May 2014, DigitalNote was initially launched as Ducknote forked from the Bytecoin technology. On the September of the same year, it was renamed again as Darknote. The company finally settled to DigitalNote in June of 2015. DigitalNote uses the currency known as XDN which had a good launch. They did not pre-mine blocks nor did they launch an ICO. This means that XDN was also safe from the risk of any other developer of a single node to hold an unfairly advantageous amount of coins. The Development of XDN was based on improving the various blockchain features like supplying pure anonymity, security and fairness within the Blockchain network that had otherwise been set by Bitcoin.

How to Use DigitalNote:

DigitalNote uses XDN as their private currency. Within the economy of DigitalNote, you will need to have XDN to transact and invest within the DigitalNote community. You will also need the XDN wallet where you will be storing your tokens. You can download this wallet for free from the official DigitalNote GiftHub page. You can also download their Android XDN wallet which is an easier way to store and manage your XDN tokens.

Features of DigitalNote:

Many features make DigitalNote stand out from your typical cryptocurrency platform:


Of course, most cryptocurrency platforms will promise complete privacy and anonymity. However, DigitalNote takes it one step further by featuring entirely encrypted and anonymous messages and comments and obscuring addresses for client identity protection purposes. This means that unlike most altcoins, DigitalNote will not store addresses and transactions on the private blockchain. Instead, this information is only accessible to the users.

Mixed Consensus Mechanism:

DigitalNote also provides both proof of work as well as proof of scale (PoW and PoS) encrypted consensus mechanism. This prevents miners from controlling large chunks of the networks and effectively creating a fair economy. This also regulates and reduces the power consumed by the blockchain, thus creating an efficient and fast network environment.

ASIC Resistant:

Another feature of DigitalNote is that its blockchain is resistant to ASIC miners, which is a problem with most blockchain platforms. ASIC Miners take up most of the economy in the environment. Using the Cryptonight algorithm, CPU and GPU users receive an equal chance in the marketplace.

LWMA 2 Algorithm:

DigitalNote uses the LWMA 2 algorithm, which increases the network resistance against timestamp and hash attacks. Digital Network achieves this by bridging the security gaps within the original code.

Fast and reliable Network

DigitalNote features a minimal block time of 4 minutes, and with continuous updates from users, DigitalNote provides a fast, consistent and dependable blockchain network, with coin distribution schedules faster than most altcoins.

Mobile Friendly:

DigitalNote features mobile-friendly wallets for both Android as well as IOS. The IOS version was released earlier this year, and this is an excellent feature that makes accessibility and security of XDN tokens easier.

Benefits of DigitalNote

Fast transactions:

The DigitalNote blockchain will provide users with a much quicker transaction rate. With their hybrid algorithm, Cryptonote technology, the blockchain traffic, and legitimate transactions are maintained with adequate precision.

Security, Anonymity:

It is clear that DigitalNote emphasizes a lot on maintaining the privacy and anonymity of their users, using encrypted message boards and untraceable transactions.

Activity Based staking:

DigitalNote employs a proof of activity staking, providing better network security based on how many times a user stakes. This can range from only a month to even ten years, and the more the stakers are, the more the security of the network enhance against attacks.

POW mining:

Users can mine XDN using personal computers which are enabled by the fact that the mining system of XDN is based on a proof of work. Nd if you lock your coins into your XDN wallets for one month, you can earn an interest of 0.51% per year.

How to Buy DigitalNote

To buy DigitalNote tokens, also known as XDN, you will need to download the wallet first. You can do that for free from their website. After this, you will have to install the wallet and set up the security password. Backup your wallet and save the random string of numbers and letters: This is your wallet address and it very important. After that, you will have to buy a cryptocurrency like BTC or Ethereum which you will use later as an exchange for the XDN tokens. You can make the exchange from popular cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase. During the exchange, you will be requested to enter your Wallet address. Once you have decided how much tokens you want to exchange, the XDN tokens will automatically be transferred into your wallet.

DigitalNote News

The value of the XDN is USD 0.002997 on a circulating supply of 6,928,822,446 XDN with a maximum supply of 8,589,869,056 XDN.

With low transaction fees is the reason for their success in January of 2018, when their Market Cap skyrocketed to an increase of +3000% in a matter of 3 weeks.

Technical Stats

Supply 8.59 Billion
Genesis Date May 30, 2014 (almost 4 years)
Hashing Algoritm Cryptonight
Block Time 4.0 Minute
Hashrate N/A

DigitalNote News

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