DPY Price 0.065574 Change (24H) -3.01% Volume (24H) $723K Market Cap $3.57M

Delphy (DPY) Price, Stats & News

Delphy Summary

Delphy is a prediction market built on Ethereum as a DApp for mobile devices—a light Ethereum client running on mobile devices. Delphy’s decentralized design makes it nearly impossible to manipulate with the Delphy price or shut down, and there is never a need to trust one entity on its own. The DPY price is controlled by its total supply of 100 million. This prediction-as-a-service model makes it easy for anyone to plug into the often off-limits world of cryptocurrency investment. The mobile app itself is fun and easy to use.

Technical Stats

Supply 100 Million
Genesis Date August 30, 2016 (over 1 year)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

Delphy News

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