DAT Price 0.001797 Change (24H) -10.63% Volume (24H) $69.04K Market Cap $1.79M

Datum (DAT) Price, Stats & News

Datum Summary

Datum is a fully decentralized and distributed high-performing NoSQL database on a blockchain ledger. This decentralized technology allows anyone in the world to securely and anonymously back up data from social networks, wearable technology, smart homes, and other IoT services and devices. Included in the Datum price is a marketplace where users can share or sell data according to their own needs and terms. The DAT price is also useful to developers, who can build privacy-focused apps on the blockchain. The free mobile app for individuals allows users to login to DApps with their Datum ID.

Technical Stats

Supply 2.65 Billion
Genesis Date December 09, 2017 (3 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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