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Crypterium (CRPT) Price, News, & Stats

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium is a blockchain based Credit system that provides instant ease of use in transactions all around the world. It has a very low commission with a very advantageous 0.5 % for every transaction.

Crypterium is based on the Etherium blockchain, and they use this to establish an interest-driven platform as well as a complete banking experience on the blockchain. The goal of crypterium is to solve any and every transactional issue with productive, rational and straightforward solutions.

Crypterium project team consists mainly of experienced entrepreneurs from technology-based industries with Mark O’Brien as the founder and CEO who was also the CEO of Visa UK, with an experience of over 25 years in Financial Services, RegTech, and FinTech.

History and Inception of Crypterium:

On 2013, Crypterium developed used the QR scanning to build the first-ever mobile based solution for payments, which raised USD 1 Million in Eastern Europe.

This was the beginning of a revolutionary idea, to use mobile technology and combine that with banking, with an impressive team of developers who had experience in business, banking, and technology.

Crypterium started their ICO project in October 31st, 2017 and successfully raised over USD 51 million, which is roughly 45,000 bitcoins according to the exchange rates at the time, becoming one of the most successful ICO offerings of all time.

The project officially finished in January 2017. As of 2018, Crypterium has successfully developed and released a mobile app, changing the Crypto transactional methods forever.

How to Use Crypterium:

Like any other cryptocurrency, Crypterium also uses an in-house currency known as CRPT tokens. These tokens are used as the fuel for any sort of transactions within the Crypterium ecosystem.

You can buy CRPT tokens as an exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The CRPT is an ERC20 coin which means that you can only use ERC20 supported Wallets to store your tokens.

With Crypterium, you have the option to use both Mobile wallets and Desktop wallets. You can download the official Mobile app from the Crypterium website. The app is a great method to transfer cryptocurrencies to any parts of the world with relative ease.

Features of Crypterium:

  1. Bank Transfers:

The most important and impressive feature is that Crypterium provides an app feature which allows users to be able to transfer into any bank account directly. Crypterium aims to make transferring be an "on the go" feature by allowing users to transfer Cryptocurrencies into any traditional bank accounts without having to worry about exchanging the currencies: the app automatically converts the crypto coins into conventional currency.

  1. Social Media vouchers:

Crypterium provides an easy refill and coupons for social media platforms like Skype, Steam, and Viber. Crypterium’s allows users to be able to quickly refill their social media account credits using dedicated sim card Top-ups. The transactions take only a minute, and the method is easy. The top-up is supported in over 150 countries and 500 operators on prepaid cards.

  1. Crypterium Cards:

This feature is what Crypterium promises to be the "most Advanced Solution to Payments." Crypterium provides an advanced payment solution with cryptocurrency credits using both Virtual as well as traditional cards.

Virtual cards: These are connected to the user’s crypto account which is then linked to Apple Pay or Android Pay, providing convenient checkouts and shopping experiences.

Traditional Cards: Traditional Crypterium plastic cards works similarly to a Debit card or Credit Cards, and can be used for ATM as well as at retailers where the tap and pay technology is not supported.

  1. Automated Wallet Creation for Recipients:

With Crypterium, users can transfer Cryptocurrencies using the App to anyone, even those who don’t have a wallet. Crypterium sends a message with the link to the crypto coins with provided specific instructions for the recipient.

  1. Crypterium Coin:

The Benefits of Using Crypterium:

Crypto banking opens up a whole new platform for the bank economy. Here are a few benefits of using Crypterium:


Crypterium utilizes the blockchain technology, providing more straightforward and more transparent transactions than you can get from standard bank transfers.

Unlike in a traditional bank, within the blockchain, the operations and the exchange rates are not influenced by a state regulation but by the market economy.

Quick transactions:

One of the problems with traditional bank currency is that they are only available on work days, and transactions between banks take several days. With Blockchain, the transaction time is reduced to just a few minutes, and the services and processing are available 24x7.

Lesser expenses:

Crypterium uses the blockchain technology to exclude the cost of operations and third-party intermediaries, significantly reducing the cost of payments.

Transparency and Security:

Any changes within the blockchain are fully available to all the public parties. With this, the integrity and clarity of the processes are increased: an intended assurance to users of the surety of the execution. The transactions can also not be changed or deleted.

Minus Intermediaries:

Blockchain reduces the need for a complex hierarchal structure. With blockchain, users can make payment transactions without needing the approvals of verified payments, deposition, insurance, and other such complicated processes, and thus effectively reducing useless intermediaries.

How to buy Crypterium:

It is relatively easy to buy CRPT tokens. You need to undergo a two-step process to buy CRPT from your bank funds.  Like any other crypto tokens, you need to buy BTC or Ethereum that supports accepts deposit from bank accounts or debit cards.  Then, you will need to use the crypto coins and transfer them into an exchange that sells CRPT.

Technical Stats

Supply 44 Million
Genesis Date November 07, 2017 (4 months)
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time -
Hashrate N/A

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