CLOAK Price $1.25 Change (24H) 11.50% Volume (24H) $123K Market Cap $6.51M

Cloakcoin (CLOAK) Price, Stats & News

Cloakcoin Summary

Cloakcoin is a new cryptocurrency featuring decentralized, peer-to-peer anonymization via Proof of Stake Anonymity. The coin has since implemented OneMarket, a peer-to-peer, fully decentralized marketplace. The CLOAK token price uses the X13 hashing algorithm and the Cloakcoin price is determined with no pre-mine or IPO. Its founders claim it’s the most secure and fastest method to transact cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology and a next-generation ENIGMA encryption to support fully private transactions. Users can expect instant transactions and earn rewards with a six percent annual increase in value for staking CLOAK tokens in users’ wallets.