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CSC Price 0.000436 Change (24H) -6.51% Volume (24H) $36.85K Market Cap $17.06M

Casinocoin (CSC) Price, News, & Stats

What is Casinocoin?

Online Gambling has become one of the most booming industries at present. The trend looks like its going to stay like that for a very long time. So there has to be a digital currency system that online gamblers can use instead of using fiat currency. This would enable more convenience and also allow a more stable way of functioning. Well, CasinoCoin does precisely that. CasinoCoin is an open protocol and peer-to-peer based transparent blockchain platform and runs on Ripple blockchain technology. This platform allows online gamblers to make any transaction using CasinoCoin tokens/cryptocurrency. The CasinoCoin cryptocurrency is entirely secure and comes with its wallet to enable users to store their tokens online.

The CasinoCoin is quickly gaining popularity amongst the online gamblers, and it declares itself as the "future of gaming." It is relatively still a new cryptocurrency, and so there isn't much information on how they plan to expand their user base. But the fact that they brand themselves as Future of Gaming suggests that they may not only focus only on online gambling but instead the whole online game in general.


The infamous “Black Friday” incident that took place on 15th April 2011 shocked the online gambling industry, and as such, all the primary online gaming platform were effectively taken down. The main culprit behind the incident was the ineffective and barely secured payment methods and network platforms that online gambling operated on. There were so many pitfalls, and as a result, the ultimate result was the unfortunate incident that included bank fraud and money laundering scams. CasinoCoin was developed mainly to avoid such incidents in the future by making the payment methods more secure and stable.   

The inception of CasinoCoin started way back in 2013, but it didn’t gain any significant attention or popularity until the mid – 2017 when it was taken over a new team of developers. After the team changed hands, CasinoCoin has been on a roll since then. The new team of developers included some well-known names from the world of digital marketing such as David Sargeant (Founder of iGaming Ideas), Sam Hobcraft (CEO of OPL Gaming Group), Lee Fenton (CEO of Gamesys), to name a few. The new team added new features to the existing platform and embraced Ripple blockchain platform as their strategic partner for running or supporting the CasinoCoin chain of networks.

The new included features came in the form of KYC and AML procedures, thus, allowing its users to make use of their service in a much more efficient way. The ripple blockchain platform also enabled a transparent and decentralized system of handling all the transactions, hence, allowing a more secure and regulated method of making transactions within the platform.   

How Does Casinocoin Work?

CasinoCoin is an open protocol based network that runs on the ripple blockchain technology instead of operating on the traditional Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain platform. This platform is designed to function as an open source and most importantly allows peer-to-peer networking sharing platform amongst its users.

CasinoCoin doesn’t only restricts itself to the online gambling industry, and also functions efficiently with other game platforms that allow its users to play to earn or make transactions within the game. It is applicable for any regulated online games. It only supports regulated games to ensure lesser complications that may be involved in supporting the games from unknown sources.

The smart ripple blockchain platform that CasinoCoin is built around is a highly effective and secure technology. Most of the highly secured banks around the world use the ripple technology to make their transactions from one bank to another. This makes CasinoCoin cryptocurrency platform’s security miles ahead of other cryptocurrencies available.   

Features of Casinocoin

Unlimited Transactions

The CasinoCoin team hails its platform as being able to handle more number of online transactions than any other type of cryptocurrency platform. According to their official website, CasinoCoin can effectively handle up to 1000 transactions every second with maximum precision and minimal transaction duration.  This is primarily because the whole CasinoCoin platform operates on a decentralized ownership mechanism. This means that there is no third party involvement in making any transaction, hence, eliminating the need to wait for transaction approval from a particular person or a group of wealthy investors controlling the whole platform.

Fast and minimal transaction fee’s

The whole process of transferring your CasinoCoin token or obtaining it from other users takes minimum time. The time is taken for making transactions in CasinoCoin take less than 5 seconds to confirm your payments. This quick confirmation time is aided by minimal transaction charges as well. The transaction fee is next to none, and it amounts to only a penny or less in most cases. The combination of quick transaction time with minimal fee charges remains an ideal platform for the most cryptocurrency, but CasinoCoin is delivering all that effectively.

Ripple blockchain technology

Not many (or none) cryptocurrency system can make the bold statement that they use the same security technology as significant banks around the world utilize. This, however, is true in case of CasinoCoin, ripple blockchain platform only ensures the CasinoCoin cryptocurrency users more security and total trust in its transaction mechanism. It provides faster transaction time with minimum transaction cost and maximum security.     

How to Buy Casinocoin

The first step is to create an account by making a transaction. You can do this by buying either Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) from any exchange that accepts your banking card as a valid payment option. You can purchase BTC or ETH from Coinbase exchange (or most other exchanges).

The second step is to transfer all the BTC or ETH from the Coinbase wallet to any other wallet that lets you exchange your BTC or ETH currency to CasinoCoin aka CSC. You can use any of the following wallets: Coinsquare, BitFlip, NovaExchange. After conversion, you can store and spend your CSC cryptocurrency using any of the CSC wallets that may be available.

Technical Stats

Supply 336 Million
Genesis Date July 19, 2013 (over 4 years)
Hashing Algoritm Scrypt
Block Time 0.5 Minute
Hashrate N/A

CasinoCoin News

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