BTM Price $0.18051 Change (24H) 0.88% Volume (24H) $11.51M Market Cap $181M

Bitmark (BTM) Price, Stats & News

Bitmark Summary

Bitmark started as an initiative to create an alternative currency people can use every day for most transactions. Included in the Bitmark price is the platform Marking, which brings together reputation and currency. Marking allows users to apply cryptocurrency to their normal daily transactions. Mark is a reputation system that allows users to ‘mark’ each other for something they have created offered, or shared, much like ‘liking’ things on Facebook. These Marks work for reputation and as a measurement of value, earned by everyday actions and creations. Users on the Marking network are rewarded in BTM price tokens. Marking recently released an upgrade of its service, which gives users the benefit of a public, digital ledger that shows transactions between entities.

Technical Stats

Supply 27.6 Million
Genesis Date July 14, 2014 (over 3 years)
Hashing Algoritm Scrypt
Block Time 2.0 Minute
Hashrate N/A

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