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BURST Price 0.007619 Change (24H) 4.93% Volume (24H) $28.30K Market Cap $15.63M

Burst (BURST) Price, Stats & News

Burst Summary

Burst is a cryptocurrency based on NXT with no pre-mine. The Burst price is not affected by an IPO. Burst utilizes a new algorithm for Proof of HDD Capacity (POC) mining. Miners can pre-generate large ‘plots’ of data that are saved to a disk. The number of plots stored on the disk is the mining speed. These plots are divided into 4096 portions called ‘scoops.’ Plots are generated with a public address and a nonce. Miners then hash it, pre-appending the resulting hash, and repeating the hash-pre-append cycle countless times. Then users hash the entire thing and xor the last hash with the entire system. Plots are then staggered together so that chunks of the same scoop number are not together, then written to the disk. The BURST price is regulated by a max supply of over 2 billion coins.

Technical Stats

Supply 2.16 Billion
Genesis Date -
Hashing Algoritm -
Block Time 4.0 Minute
Hashrate N/A

Burst News

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