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Releases / Changelog

Currently working on
No deadlines or promises

We are reading all suggestions from our users and firstly fix bugs, then add new features

  • Feedback / Bug report function
  • Show prices in different currencies
  • Trade volume
  • Improve design of News
  • Updated app frameworks
  • Graph for users portfolio history

Version 3

Added Favorites and re-write of most of the code for a faster experience with less bugs.

  • Favorites: Track your favorites
  • Improved graphs
  • Speed improvements
  • Updated app frameworks
  • Portfolio: Auto sort on "My Value" instead of Coin Market Cap
  • Auto-refresh every 10 minutes so you don't have to refresh manually when opening the app
  • Lots of update to desktop version (
  • Changed listing method to be more compact and fitting more coins

Version 2.1.15

Design and usability improvements throughout the app.

  • Coins: Shows ATH (All Time High) when clicking on a coin
  • Coins: Improved filter function, not works when loading more coins
  • Speed improvements to all views
  • Improved UX for login and signup
  • Improved UX for adding transactions

Version 2.1.14

Design and usability improvements throughout the app.

  • Coins: Improved filter function
  • Added more coin icons
  • Portfolio: Small improvements to UX when adding transactions
  • Portfolio: Login box makes it easier loging in with mail

Version 2.1.13

First steps to implementing views in other currencies.

  • Portfolio: See value in other currencies, make settings in user menu

Version 2.1.12

Minor bug fixes, improved adding a sell transaction and started implementing currency support

  • Add Transactions: Button for fetching your total amount when adding a sell transaction
  • See your portfolio summary in any currency, go to the User Menu tab and select default portfolio currency

Version 2.1.11

Another update with technical updates for speed optimizations making the site faster and more reliable. Some minor improvements as well

  • Speed optimizations
  • Add Transactions: Button to fetch current price

Version 2.1.10

Huge technical update with speed optimizations making the site faster. Some minor improvements as well

  • Speed optimizations
  • Prices: Clicking on Global Market Cap shows ATH and 24h Change
  • Portfolio: Edit transactions

Version 2.1.10

Minor improvements in rounding numbers, graphs and remove double menus on some mobile devies.

  • Coins: All time graph's y-axis now starts from 0
  • Coins: Tab for showing all time high when clicking on a coin has smarter rules for rounding numbers
  • Fixed bug making some Android App users get double nav bars

Version 2.1.9

Added historical data to all coins, clicking on a coin now shows historical data for a longer period.

  • Improved historical data graphs
  • Added columns for Year To Date (YTD) and showing All Time High (ATH) when clicking on a coin

Version 2.1.8

Graph for Global Coin Market Cap and design improvement

  • Clicking on the global coin market cap makes a graph slide down with 24h graph
  • Minor improvements to graphs everywhere
  • Changed link from 'Crypto News' to 'News' in navigation bar on site

Version 2.1.7

Graph improvements when clicking on an a coin in the portfolio.

  • Portfolio: Upgraded design on graphs
  • Sign up and Login modal has been tighten up to work better in apps

Version 2.1.6

Added a basic crypto news page on, will soon update apps with new tab for news.

  • News: Added page with crypto news

Version 2.1.5

Now allowing you to override the "total cost" in your portfolio to get total profit work if you have done transactions from one crypto to another crypto and not all buys are from fiat (USD). Click on the edit-icon next to your total cost on the portfolio page.

  • Portfolio: Possible to override total cost

Version 2.1.4

When clicking on a coin you can now see a 24 hour graph and minor improvements to the portfolio page.

  • Coins: Added 24 Hour graph when clicking on a coin
  • Portfolio: Minor design adjustments

Version 2.1.3

Minor improvements to graphs and detailed coin view.

  • Minor improvements to graph design
  • Added more decimals when needed to graph hover tooltip
  • Coins: Click on a coin now also shows 4 boxes with change over day, week, month & 2 months period

Version 2.1.2

Huge improvements on graphs throughout the site, both speed and UX.

  • Improved graphs, both speed and UX
  • Portfolio: Fixed number format
  • Portfolio: Changed the 'Add Transaction' dialog to a 2-step input (more improvements coming soon)

Version 2.1.1

Added Coinmarketcap API as a second source and a bunch of new coins available. New popup for "add transaction" and lots of design and UX improvements.

  • Portfolio: Fixed number formatting for "amount"
  • Coins: Added Global Market Cap to be shown in top (graph coming soon)
  • Design fixes for tablet apps

Version 2.1.0

Added Coinmarketcap API as a second source and a bunch of new coins available. New popup for "add transaction" and lots of design and UX improvements.

  • Coins: Click on a coin to see price on both CoinCap & CoinMarketCap
  • Coins: Removed grey hover effect behind graphs
  • Portfolio: Improve UX for add transaction popup
  • Portfolio: Improved layout of alert window after removing a transaction
  • Portfolio: Adding more info about transactions on mobiles
  • Added CoinMarketCap's API
  • A few hundred new coins added
  • Improved app layout for various screen sizes

Version 2.0.6

Design and UX improvements.

  • Fixed price for IOTA-coin
  • Fixed annoying blinking line when using dropdowns on iOS

Version 2.0.5

Design and UX improvements.

  • Portfolio: Simplified design on mobile when not logged in
  • Portfolio: Simplified adding first transacion
  • Changed navbar from indigo to a blue color
  • Improved sign up form
  • Improved log in form

Version 2.0.4

Minor improvements for the signup form.

  • Speeded up graph loading times
  • Changed type of email field for mobiles to get keyboard writing email
  • Showing min/max and change for 7D, 14D & 30D charts

Version 2.0.3

Started improving UX for adding transactions. More to come, check back later.

  • Portfolio: Improved layout on form for adding transactions

Version 2.0.2

Minor fixes and improvements.

  • User: Ability to change email from Apps
  • User: Added info about website
  • Minor design changes for mobiles

Version 2.0.1

Minor fixes and improvements.

  • Improved loading of graphs making them smoother and fading in
  • Changed alignment of logo in mobile slide in menu

Version 2.0.0

Released apps for iOS and Android. Many fixes on site for improved UX and functionality.

  • Released iOS App
  • Released Android App
  • New Page: User (only for apps)
  • Coin: Improved breadcrumbs back to coins-page
  • Portfolio: Click on one of your investments to see details (only mobile) and graphs
  • Portfoltio: Minor changes to list of transactions
  • Portfolio: Design improvements for logged out users
  • Portfolio: Added sorting to your profile
  • Add Transaction: Improved form validations
  • Add Transaction: Increased click-area of submit button
  • Improved dimensions of signup/login modals on mobile
  • Random work with tracking and fixes for App releases
  • Fixed Ethereum Classic icon on mobile devices
  • All graphs now show real-time prices
  • Added links to disclaimers and privacy policy in mobile slide in menu
  • Fixed missing coin icons on mobile devices
  • Fixed colored graphs for iOS devices
  • Improved X-axis values on 7d, 14d & 30d graphs
  • Added attribution to Coincap API in footer
  • Increased size of some buttons on mobile for sign up/log in/log out
  • Added app promotion bar for some mobile browsers
  • Improved mobile responsiveness throughout the site
  • Updated logo and icons to something a bit smoother for the eye
  • Added loading spinner for graphs

Version 1.3.8

Added a list of non-top-100 coins. Find a link at the bottom of the coin list to a list with all coins.

  • New Page: All Coins
  • Coins: Temporarily removed link to single coin page
  • All Coins: Added link to sinple coin page when clicking on coin name

Version 1.3.7

Clicking on a coin name in the list on coins page goes to new page with more information about that coin.

  • New Page: Coin
  • Coin: Added some basic coin info

Version 1.3.6

Lots of minor fixes text and structural changes in code.

  • Portfolio: 20+ minor text and structural changes

Version 1.3.5

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

  • Portfolio: Improved validation when adding new transactions
  • Portfolio: No longer show coins in list and proportions table if current value = $0
  • Portfolio: Improved default order of transaction list
  • Portfolio: Improved design and added log in and sign up buttons when logged out

Version 1.3.4

Minor fixes in coin list related to sorting.

  • Coins: Fixed showing graph when clicking on row after sorting
  • Coins: Sorting now works on negative prices & percentages as well
  • Coins: Code clean up making list load faster (-20% download time)
  • Coins: Added more detail to 30 day graphs

Version 1.3.3

Minor fixes

  • Portfolio: Improved default sorting in "My Transaction"

Version 1.3.2

Added sorting to coins list.

  • Coins: Added sorting to coins list, clicking/taping on a table heading to sort by that column

Version 1.3.1

Sorting and pie-chart for proportions in portfolio updated. Minor fixes and improvements in your portfolio.

  • Portfolio: Order table & pie-chart with proportions by proportion
  • Portfolio: Added more colors to pie-chart
  • Portfolio: Added top right link for adding transactions
  • Portfolio: Minor text changes
  • Coins: Added icon and a bit darker text indicating default sorting on Market Cap

Version 1.3.0

Major speed improvements, added filter coin list, several minor UX improvements.

  • Coins: Render optimization of list reducing load time with 50%
  • Coins: Left aligned headline
  • Coins: Added a right aligned filter-field with real-time filtering
  • Coins: Added graphs for 14 & 30 Days history (note that we don't have that long history data yet, but it works and is being added automatically)
  • Coins: Improvements to make loading graphs a bit less "jumpy"
  • Redirect to /portfolio/ on successful log in

Version 1.2.0

Graphs and major speed improvements.

  • Coins: Click on a row to see graphs
  • Coins: Speed optimizations making list load much faster and smoother

Version 1.1.2

Quick fixes for the portfolio, main take-away is more information added on mobile devices.

  • Portfolio: Added ability on mobiles to see my value, 24h change and total profit.
  • Portfolio: Minor fixes in number formatting
  • Added link to changelog in mobile slide in menu

Version 1.1.1

Just a quick fix for with ability to delete transactions.

  • Improved design of mobile slide in menu
  • Portfolio: Ability to delete transactions

Version 1.1.0

Main focus will be mobile responsiveness quick fixes.

  • Added a bottom bar for mobiles making it look more like and app
  • Updated coin list to also include 24h change % on mobile
  • Updated coin list to limit price to maximum 8 chars (inc . (dot))
  • Updated portfolio list to limit and round numbers smarter
  • Updated portfolio list with "My Cost"
  • Improved design of logo
  • Improved responsiveness for login and signup modals
  • Updated Portfolio page for with screenshots and feature descriptions for non-logged in visitors
  • Added missing font icons in portfolio
  • Portfolio: Improved add transaction modal to reduce risk for adding dupblicate transactions
  • Portfolio: Added required input validation on input fields
  • Portfolio: Added today's date as default in add transaction modal

Version 1.0.0

Initial release. Just list of coins from the public, user handeling and basic portfolio with functionality to just add transactions and follow up. We have a bunch of features in the backlog and will roll out as soon as possible.

  • MVP site online
  • New Feature: E-mail & Social Login
  • New Page: Coins (showing live feed of coins ordered by market cap)
  • New Page: Protfolio (if logged in add coins to your own portfolio, see info and transactions)
  • New Page: Privacy Policy
  • New Page: Disclaimers
  • New Page: Changelog